Acumatica User Group (AUG)

AUG, an Acumatica User Group, connects the Acumatica user community together, providing an online place for Acumatica users to ask questions about Acumatica, share information about Acumatica, and improve their Acumatica skill set.

AUG Forums - Large

Do you have questions about Acumatica?
Have some Acumatica knowledge you’d like to share?
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AUG Query Quarry - Large

Are you struggling with reporting in Acumatica?
Query Quarry can help give you a solid foundation.
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AUG Blog - Large

Started in April 2013, this has become one of the
largest Acumatica Blogs on the internet.
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AUG Local - Large

Online interaction is nice, but nothing beats in-person.
Would you like to join a Local Acumatica User Group?
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